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50 % des administrations européennes ont retenu le cloud privé



February 2013
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IDC Government Insights Announces Cloud Trends for Western European Government Sector

A new study from IDC Government Insights reveals that cost efficiency is a key driver of cloud investment in the Western European government sector. The study analyzes cloud computing adoption and investment plans in Western Europe, summarizing the results of IDC Government Insights’ annual survey of government IT and non-IT executives in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.

The study also found that:

56% of local government survey respondents and 42% of central government respondents have adopted or are planning to adopt internally hosted private cloud.

Over 50% of respondents in both subindustries are adopting or planning to adopt provider-hosted private clouds. Public clouds come second, with 28% of respondents, and hybrid cloud is a distant third.

Among central governments, citizen Web portals (24% of respondents) and assembly management (19%) are primary vertical-specific use cases in which cloud computing solutions are under consideration.

“IDC research suggests that internally hosted private clouds will not deliver relatively significant benefits to more traditional datacenter consolidation and virtualization, unless they are run as multi-agency community resources. As a result, as the market matures and Europe progresses and unleashes its full cloud potential, IDC expects public and hybrid cloud to gradually take over private cloud,” said Silvia Piai, research manager, IDC Government Insights.


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